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Give me a minute I just started it!  To be honest I don't know what I really want to do with this page, do I want to just rant and rave about how bad I feel, gripe about the media, gripe about uninformed doctors, or what?  I really don't know.  Right now I really feel too bad to even think straight.  Will continue when my pain has subsided.
11/29/06  Ok, I stayed up too late testing out the chat room on the rls site, so needless to say i am worthless at work today, but i enjoyed it.  Can't wait to see Jan's souped up back brace.  lol  if you were not there last night you missed it.  Posted the article for everyone to read, but right now i am so sleepy i can't think straight, so maybe i will type something else later.  ttfn
11/30/06  8:51pm  sigh, i wish i could fall asleep like the hubby, his head touches the pillow and he is out like a light.  twerp!  legs actually felt alright today, just tired from not much sleep.  i wish i could take off work tomorrow. 
12/5/06   aaaaaggghhhhh!!!!!!  how does he do it?  head hits the pillow and snnnorrrrrkkkkkk!  good grief, i would have to be deaf to sleep with this going on.  i mean i put the baby down, and she's out like a light, meanwhile i am typing on the computer wide awake and knowing i have to get up at 430am.  sigh!  ok i am awake and it's time to gripe.  this is my site, perhaps i should put a disclaimer to not let children read my site because when i get pissed i tend to use foul language.  anyway, while on the rls site i read about someone being labled a drug seeker, dea pressing doctors about prescriptions, yada yada yada, it never stops!  yes i know there are dumbasses out there that ruin it for the people in the rest of the world that actually have chronic pain.  when i read the post, i swear i felt like reaching through the computer all the way to that doctors office and putting my fist in his/her mouth.  so those of us, who are truly in pain, we are to suffer because of gov bureaucracy, lovely!  u know personally i would rather not take any kind of medicine, none, nada, zippo!  unfortunately that is not the case, and so here we are, the rls guinea pigs, taking parkinsons meds, and everything else under the sun.  it's just like on the news, the gov morons think by not building anymore houses in the suburbs around d.c. down i95 will help the traffic problems, what idiot thought this was a good idea.  i know thats way off the subject but it was on the news.  anyhoo, i am just making myself madder thinking about the other subject, so maybe i will add to this tomorrow.  oh my God they have made another Rocky movie!  how friggin old is stallone now?  i know plastic surgery has stretched his face till it looks as though it's gonna snap, but give rocky a break, i mean how much more can we take, rocky getting his face beat in, but coming out victorious in the end.  i need to stop watching tv or this ramble will never end!  ok tomorrow - maybe- depending on how tired i am. see u then!
1-22-07   Ok its been a while but hey it's my blog pbllltttttt   i guess i need to say my Saints lost to the friggin bears, that so bites!  Now I have to listen to ARE gloat about "Da Bears"!!!  At least the Colts won.  It finally snowed here in Virginny last night, and traffic was a mess this morning.  Why do people that own 4 wheel drives think that gives them a free pass to drive a hundred miles an hour on ice???  morons!  Hmm what else is new, no sleep last night, but at least hubby didn't sleep worth jack either, so that is some comfort!  i know i am bad, but o well!  The baby loved the snow, she ran out on the porch barefoot in it yesterday.  I had to chase her down. I am including a pic of my little sweetie on the page. She is so sweet, I was all upset at my 15yr old and the baby (she's 2) patted me on the face and said "don't worry bout it momma!"  is that the sweetest??  Ok i have this RLS group leader conference call tonight and i hope i get home in time.  The roads and crazy people are a mess!  Ok just through with conference call, interesting, mainly just listened, but they were well informed and handled the call great i think.  i hope that i can find a friggin medical advisor for the group.  from what i understand the old advisor never spoke to the group, that was useless.  i need to find someone to get involved.  i think in this area that is going to be tough!  keep your fingers crossed for me.  well i got no sleep last night and the baby is sacked out, i think i will take my meds and hit the hay. c yall next time.
1-30-07  Haven't been on much lately, my 15 yr old is about to give me a nervous breakdown, like i need more stress in my life. 



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